Data & Content
We offer content development and delivery services.
The primary aspect - when creating brand new or recycling already existing content - is to make it as usable as possible, when it comes to quality and format.

According to this approach, we offer such technological and methodological solutions to our customers that facilitate revitalizing old content, aggregating and processing already existing content, and generating and providing new content. If there is such a need, besides offering technological and methodological aid, we actively participate in performing content-development and service tasks, as well.

We undertake personalized content development orders which are implemented either within our own developed softwares or our clients’ e-learning framework.

The final content output is displayed in standard data formats such as SCORM or HTML5.

The electronic content must be updated regularly, similarly to the frameworks behind them. Our company takes responsibility for updating our clients’ existing systems to the latest versions, integrating their already existing content into a new service environment, and providing courses on how to efficiently use and manage the system.

Our company has relevant knowledge and professional experience in the field of digitization - we offer 2D and 3D digital content production service to our customers.

Digital contents produced in 2D are primarily texts and visual documents, while those created in 3D predominantly derive from objects registered in public collections.

When scanning textual documents, the resulting images are converted into retrievable textual content with the help of optical character recognition (OCR) software. As a final step, the received content is proofread and collected in one single database. By being distributors for renowned hardware-provider companies, we easily cope with scanning larger formats, even, for example, geographical maps. Therefore, based on a preliminary meeting and consultancy, we strive to give the best possible value for money.

We create 3D content in digital and printed format.

Digital models are collected in a common database from which we offer diverse publication possibilities ranging from website-integrated appearance to customised virtual exhibitions. 

We aim to avoid any alteration or modification of objects during the scanning process, i.e. we do not apply anti-glare-effect powder.
By modelling and colouring, we develop images out of 3D scanned, digitized point clouds that can be viewed on websites and can even be rotated in virtual space with a mouse. From the pictorial archive, we make up a searchable database which, in the end, may serve as the source of a spectacular virtual exhibition. Such exhibitions may be connected, thus, together, forming a part of a searchable international database that connects collections of several museums.
On demand, we print heavy-duty plastic reproductions of objects scanned in 3D, with the help of a special, colour 3D scanner, incorporating industrial precision, that is both environmentally sound and economical.

Several museums and libraries which already possessed electronic inventories chose our products.

The introduction of a new software is preceded by the migration of existing data into the new system.

By "migration" we mean the work during which the data stored in a previous structure (tables, documents, database) are saved into the structure of another database.
Our company, during its 2 decades of existence have done hundreds of migrations from different data structures (including the totally unique solutions), by moving millions of records successfully, without any data loss.

Would you like to present your collection in a playful and engaging way?

By using institutional and aggregated digital resources, we design and develop customized solutions, attractions and games based on touchscreen, 3D technologies and motion detectors.

We cooperate with our partners from the very beginning of designing exhibitions in order to create the most engaging exhibitions possible.


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