Mobile Applications

Place your collection or portal into your visitors’ hands, take advantage of possibilities given by smart phones in the form of mobile web applications, native applications and games.

Mobile responsive web interfaces, or your own native applications provide you with extra benefits of your internet presence and in communication with and involvement of your audience. 

After all, any content can be shared with the visitors’ cell phone (based on GPS, QR code, RFID technology etc.); therefore visitors, using their own tool can read more information on the topic, can watch videos, browse among other contents, or they can even try the mobile applications of the institution, the result of which can be shared on social networking websites, thereby increasing the number of visitors.
Further potentials inherent in our system: RFID/NFC/beacon based audioguide, exhibition statistics, location-based solutions, augmented reality (eg. contemporary presentation of buildings and castles.
We recommend this Qulto component to the following institutions: