Battle of Pákozd Memorial Exhibition

The external exhibition site of The Museum of Military History, The Pákozd Military Memorial Park gives home to this special application developed by Qulto – it is a FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game evoking the Pákozd-Sukoró Battle, the technological base of which is provided by a kinect camera. Some historical objects from the museum’s collection have been 3D scanned and inserted in the game. From all these objects, the biggest role have been given to bayonets that players can learn to handle and fight with in the camp – only virtually, of course. The Hungarian Military Forces was formed on the fields of Sukoró, Pákozd and Páka. Members of the then developing basic troops were the first ones to be called patriots i.e. Hungarian soldiers defending their nation.

With the help of our virtual game visitors can have a better understanding of how it would have felt to fight for their country about 170 years ago in a face-to-face battle. Detailed description of the historical events, weapons, objects, uniforms, and the unusal vocabulary used in the military camps all help the players to submerge in those times. At the request of the museum, the latter collection have been displayed on a touchscreen terminal in the form of a virtual exhibition.