Let’s discover the secrets of Debrecen!

A cultural-touristic application based on a local history collection database. The City of Debrecen and the Méliusz Juhász Péter County Library invites the visitors and the local citizens of Debrecen to a QR code aided mobile sightseeing tour. When taking a picture of and reading the QR codes attached to touristic sights scattered around the city, the device (mobile or tablet) provides several textual or visual information about the given venue. The digital database managed by the Library hosts the local historical sights of the city (statues, buildings, places of interest). In addition to the descriptive metadata of the items, any type of document (image, audio, video), related story or link can be attached to the records which in the end enables the users/visitors to have access to interesting and relevant facts collected on one single surface. All categories can be browsed and searched. What is more, based on the visitors’ GPS coordinates, the system suggests potential sights at hand which are also marked on the map for the sake of easier orientation.