FOLIO – The Future of Libraries is Open – is a project the goal of which is to create an open source, integrated, cloud-based library platform. The development of the platform is community-based with the cooperation of several teams.

An entirely new digital eco-system is created, which serves the extra needs of libraries, archives and museums beside providing the functions related to conventional integrated library management systems. Moreover, it gives access to paper-based and digital cultural heritage. The environment is absolutely open, so any library or developer can contribute with its own development, from which not only the given institution, but the whole community can profit.

Qulto takes an active part in the realization of the project. Our team develops the user import module, which is capable of handling single and regular user import. In addition, our colleagues participate in the development of SSO (Single Sign-On). We also contribute to the preparation of localization for different communication materials, videos and prototypes in Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish beside Hungarian.