Könyvtársas AR book game

On occasion of the Library Sunday, the Méliusz Juhász Péter County Library organised an engaging game for its visitors, called ’Könyvtársas’. This activity, besides traditional printed books, involved 21st century technologies as well, such as mobile applications and QR codes. First, the participating groups had to investigate a mysterious murder while wandering among the bookshelves, then followed a contest in the form of an ’author-reader meeting’. The third part having the topic of Mars – based on the book entitled The Martian – had the challenge to escape from the planet (symbolised by the readers’ room on the 2nd floor) while trying to do their best both in individual and team tasks. In the activities compiled by Monguz Ltd., the participants could get in touch with the Earth (i.e. the audience) with the help of a task involving a kinect camera. Once the message got through, after reading the proper QR codes, the audience could ’send back’ the necessary keys for solving the tasks. Finally, the competing teams were helped in finding their way to escape by an augmented reality (AR) app.