We are working on the books-in-print database of books published in Hungary, which registers books before publication, books available and the ones not available any more. It is an online surface where all publication having an ISBN number can be found with relevant data, i.e. how to acquire the book. Its main function is to help users who have the right and the appropriate service package to make business decisions and to inform about the availability of publications.

The register does not aim to sell books, its goal is to connect and inform publishers, traders, libraries and readers. It is of primary importance during the system development and the later operation that the physical and logical architecture ensures a safe environment for the data and information present in the BiP database. The web portal meets all the requirements of a state-of-the-art web application, it is responsive, multi-language site, which uses friendly URLs and supports the modification of static contents with a WYSIWYG editor. A context-sensitive help page informs the users, explaining functions with examples and pictures in an understandable way.

Project website:
Magyar Books in Print Kft.