Sayisal Kitap – e-Publisher

Qulto e-Publisher has been launched in the framework of a collaboration with Sayisal Grafik, our Turkish partner company. They provide copyrighted e-content collected from Turkish publishers in Turkish language, while our company provides a digital platform for handling and displaying the content. The platform enables libraries and library users to search, access, read and download the electronic copies either with or without DRM. Librarians can download the MARC record of any e-content, receive statistics of any document and/or the whole platform. Readers can benefit from a personal bookshelf available in their own account - they can borrow and save e-books on the shelf, share the link of the book, and get the citation in different formats. Users of the platform can access the e-content by downloading or reading online. Publishers can benefit from serving their content online, and enjoy the advantages of different service models for the protection of content. They may choose to serve the content without any restrictions, or choose from the different model options available in the platform: "download with DRM", "read only" and "available for loan". Our platform supports any service model to ensure the content security.


The following libraries use the e-Publisher:

National Library of Turkey 
Terakki Foundation Schools
Ankara University Library
Atilim University Library
Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University Library
Ozyegın University Library

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