Törökbálint anno

The ’Törökbálint anno’ local history collection, which is available in Hungarian, English and German, provides valuable information to its visitors who are interested in the past of the town – let them be families investigating their predecessors’ memories or professional researchers of the subject. More and more concise translation of online content is available with time in order to serve details to former inhabitants’ ancestors about their relatives having been deported to Germany or living all around the world.

This initiative is unique as this enermous work has been done by volunteers in their free-time. Thousands of photos, postcards, manuscripts, prints, and objects are being documented with detailed descriptions, including the names of people depicted on the images. As a result of the project, a personal database is being created which covers the town’s entire history, and where former and present inhabitants can be browsed gathered in family trees and enriched with relationship data. Visitors of the site can have access to various data, photos, baptismal registers, birth certificates, and other documents.

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