World War I Digital Exhibition

Digital devices in the service of the museum. A new, permanent exhibition opened in the Institute and Museum of Military History with the title Hungary in the Great War, 1914-1918.  It does not only rely on the rich collection, but on the digital content consisting of several components. In all rooms one can browse historical information, picture galleries, animation, cronology in connection with the Hungarian military regiments and troops on touchscreen terminals, and play with the applications making the exhibition more colourful (puzzles with maps and uniforms, quiz for the photo collection of WWI and roleplay game). The interactive exhibition gives multiple interpretation of the war: beyond the battles it depicts the life of soldiers and those who stayed in the hinterlands and social changes are also shown.

Unlike conventional exhibitions, a great number of valuable and interesting information, facts and objects – instead of being hung on the walls - are presented on digital devices, providing the experience of discovery for the visitors. Certainly, show-cases are present in the rooms though QR codes placed on them direct visitors to a web interface, where the Museum tells the story of objects which cannot be represented due to the lack of space or special protection.

The items and data of the collection – present in the digital content of the exhibition – are handled in an integrated system. The digital applications communicate with this database when showing the events and social situation of the period.