Kultura Malopolska site

The National Museum in Krakow, together with its 6 partner institutions worked on a project the key objective of which is to create a platform for the digitization of museum collections in the region of Małopolska, and to make the created content accessible to the public.

The shared platform developed by Qulto serves as a means to protect and promote the digitally processed cultural heritage. All partners’ collections can be browsed on this portal which is basically built on an aggregated database supplied by the partner institutions’ collections.

During the implemenation phase, in accordance with current standards, the collection management systems of the 7 partner museums had to be integrated into one single shared system. Thus the portal, which offers several search options within collections, was connected to the shared system, and the once digitally described data could automatically be displayed on the dedicated website.

Visitors can browse the data according to several search conditions, search results can be refined by filters, public descriptive data, galleries, and social media functions can be accessed in case of every artefact, and also the use of tags enhance further the user experience while browsing the rich cultural content made available on Kultura Malopolska portal.

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