Qulto Connect

Would you like to search among your own contents and third party scientific contents through the same interface?

Our Discovery module makes it possible to list the elements of your own contents and those of a choosen third party, thus allowing you to browse among the contents you subscribed for at your own interface.

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Would you like to create a common database together with your partner institutions?

Our aggregator software is able to integrate the heterogeneous databases (metadata and digital contents) of different institutions into one single database. Besides the data being consistently manageable in a shared context, they will still be identifiable individually in their original environment.

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Would you like to make the search in your collection easier?

Our module transforms local metadata into semantic format and connects them to trusted, public open namespaces. 

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Are you looking for a system suitable for managing inter-library loan services?

Our integrated systems support inter-library requests; they are prepared to upload data to the national document supply and inter-library systems.

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The modular system (Europeana Connection Kit), which connects the Qulto collections management system with the European cultural aggregator (Europeana.eu) has been developed within the framework of a European cooperation. 

Some of the services of the system run in Hungary, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The single modules are connected by developer interfaces, and they communicate with each other via the internet.

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Would you like to integrate your existing system with new components?

The standard programming interfaces, connecting large, complex systems or used by customized smaller applications allow us to integrate external components into them without knowing the internal operational details of the systems.

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