We supplement our software products with the hardware solutions of our technology partners, providing RFID and barcode-based solutions.

Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development, deployment and support of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid and barcode-based based solutions to libraries.

We cooperate with Bibliotheca in the following fields in Qulto solutions:

  • Automated return and sortation systems
  • Security gates - with real time RFID alerts with instant item identification.
  • Mobile solutions to make it easy to read both patron cards and individual items, using either RFID or barcode.
  • RFID tags holding detailed information, such as item title, security status, hold requests, last borrow date, items that will cause an alarm and more.
  • Self-service stations

SmartFreq engineering team has many years experience in the field of design, installation and system integration of unique identifier systems.
They install RFID supported, self-service, rental-and-return monitoring systems.

We cooperate with Smartfreq in the following fields in Qulto solutions:

  • Overall design of RFID systems
  • Selection and testing of hardware equipments
  • Selection and testing of software equipments
  • Installation and system integration
  • Education
The RTI Group designs, manufacturers and distributes innovative, industry-benchmark equipment, technologies and services that underpin media companies and all industries that use traditional and evolving content technologies.
Their Lending Libraries allow patrons to download e-Books to their own phones or tablets. They provide Library Media Boxes to which patrons can return media directly. The inventory can be viewed and placed on hold from any PC. Patrons can scan their library cards for quick access.
Pazirik Ltd. deals with comprehensive visual image design, scientific 3D historic reconstructions, visual design of exhibitions and developments, programming and testing interactive exhibitional multimedia content and mobile applications, complex geoinformatics processing, researcher database development and planning, 3D printing and creating historic models and publishing and fine tuning these solutions while supplementing and reinforcing one another.

We cooperate with Pazirik Ltd. in the following fields in Qulto solutions:

  • Reconstruction 
  • Movies 
  • Exhibition 
  • Maquette