Qulto for Tourism

With our Qulto for Tourism product and service package, we help in the cooperation of institutions working on the invigoration of cultural tourism and we assist with the promotion and renewal of their services. We offer solutions for digitizing cultural contents and collecting, storing, providing, preserving and recycling them in a standard manner within an integrated system. With the use of our software, you can acquaint people with cultural content in the form of attractions, games, real and virtual exhibitions.


Ideas for cultural touristic developments:

Building a local, or regional Integrated Tourist Information System (ITIS), which:
  • collects, stores, organizes and makes the local history collection, cultural and scientific metadata, contents, events and other relevant data (attendance, statistical information etc.) of institutional systems available in an automated, regularly updated way;
  • ensures about standard and redundant storage and long-term preservation of contents;
  • allows comprehensive reuse of data eg. in the field of education and cultural tourism;
  • provides standard data transmission towards national and international aggregators (eg. MuseuMap or Europeana);
  • increases the popularity of cultural and scientific values and the number of their online or traditional visitors, it stimulates tourism;
  • involves the local communities in the enhancement of data available in the ITIS (eg. who can be seen in a given photo, where and when the picture was taken) and helps in increasing and preserving their sense of identity;
  • it allows the business sector to create value-added services based on the data and contents available in the ITIS.
  • collecting scientific metadata and contents, providing open access (higher education).
  • semantic storage and publication of ITIS data in the linked open data cloud.
  • preparing cultural and local history collection question bank (test questions, false and true answers), publishing it as linked open data, opening it for business purposes. Based on the question bank anybody can create games and mobile applications.
  • organizing the digitization of local history collections based on the ITIS (Local/Regional Digital Register).
  • ITIS content services: public domain materials are provided free of charge, without any restrictions, while the copyrighted materials are provided in a closed system (eg. ITIS points).
  • ITIS points: installing terminals in partner institutions, and publishing even the copyrighted materials of the ITIS services on them.
  • providing copyrighted materials with the help of DRM technology.
  • cooperation and integration with the actors and systems in the field of tourism.
  • further IT harmonization by the installation of Qulto Integrated Collection Management System in the cultural, educational and scientific institutions and connecting them to the ITIS service.
  • attraction development build upon ITIS data in order to boost cultural tourism.
  • „City Card” touristic discount card.
  • multilingual touristic website with the possibility of online booking.
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