Attraction & Games

Would you like to present your collection in a playful way?

With our components, we build attractions and games by reusing local and aggregated digital assets. Our software supports a wide range of devices like touchscreens, 3D technologies and motion detectors.

Our attractions and games can be operated both online and offline; therefore, they can also be displayed at an external site. Our 2 dimensional game solutions are simpler logic quiz tasks, while with our 3D games, even a battle atmosphere can be conjured up. Our real-time location solutions developed for mobile phones send contents to the visitor’s smart phone based on GPS/cell (or QR, wifi, RFID) information. The content can be textual, visual, audio or video material. The result of any activity or game can be shared at social media surfaces. Further opportunities inherent in our system: RFID / NFC / Beacon-based location-based recommendations, audio guide, exhibition statistics, Augmented Reality (eg. authentic presentation of buildings, castles).
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