Electronic Resource Management

Would you like to follow the working processes related to your electronic journals and e-books?

Our module developed for managing electronic journal subscriptions and handling e-books and other electronic resources may help your work with the following functions: acquisitions, access control, search and statistics.

Acquisitions -  you can follow the process of ordering a journal - right from requesting the journals, through the trial agreement, until the final contract necessary for ordering the journals and recording the feedback.

Access control - all journal requests are bound to prior user login; therefore logging the downloading activities is also possible. Moreover, we provide access control based on IP addresses, too. With this combination of the two methods, access control is widely configurable.

Search - the reader/visitor can search for electronic journals at the online public access catalogue (OPAC) interface; the currently available documents and materials that can be accessed on-demand will be displayed on the same interface.

Statistics - detailed statistics can be generated about the use of the components.

We recommend this Qulto component to the following institutions: