IT Services
We have several IT gurus behind our services to ensure that the environment of our solutions operates well.
Based on our experiences gained in the fields of public collections IT and knowledge management, we can offer efficient help to our clients in planning, optimizing and automating their work processes and in the development of their IT structure.
We do our planning based on individual needs and possibilities and we always look for the optimal solutions to a given situation. 
While planning, we consider not only components that we have developed ourselves, but we do not mind relying on open source solutions or, occasionally, on products subject to licence agreement and developed by a third party. When we make suggestions, we keep those solutions in mind which are the best in accordance with the possibilities of the clients, and which are sustainable and can be operated and further developed in the long term.

Our core business is software development.

Within this field we put emphasis on product development and self developed projects related to the public collections and knowledge management areas.

Our developer colleagues constantly train themselves; therefore, we apply the latest technologies and techniques in our projects.
Our developments are, basically, Java-based, but our competency covers almost every field within this area. From multi-layer client solutions, through web applications and portals to mobile solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services. At the development stage we pay special attention to standardization, modularity, integratability, interoperability, configurability, multilingual design, platform independency, sustainability, ergonomy and operability.
Besides the close integration of our own systems, our components cooperate with 3rd party software, too.

We prefer standard interfaces but, where these are lacking, we prepare custom fittings, too.
A common example of integration is when we take over or query data from a library or museum inventory system. Our search module is able to take over contents from external systems, or to query content through an API surface. The latter happens in the case of EBSCO.
In several cases we inserted modules (eg. RFID based self-service counters, or OAI-PMH server) to library systems of other suppliers.
Our library solutions for higher education institutions are suitable for establishing data connection with student information systems.
We can provide interface to business management systems, financial or document management systems (e.g. SAP).
Where possible, we use open source technology and components, but we also run our own open source projects, among which the most important are the ECK Validator and the ECK Preview.
Moreover, we can help with already existing open source projects, too.
With our system administration, you can feel your systems and data are secure! 

We take care of our partners complete IT infrastructure, including system and tendency monitoring and intrusion detection, too.
Our full-scale system administration consists of 3 basic services: monitoring; operation and remote monitoring; and saving.
Our central monitoring system continuously monitors and collects a variety of hardware and software parameters (temperature, capacity, overall capacity, CPU resources, memory, disc status, the state of running software).
Operation and remote monitoring:
Based on our monitoring system, we offer our remote monitoring service every day of the year in 24 hours. We remotely monitor the safety of the running services and automatically clear potential problems. We do the maintenance of the managed systems automatically, too. 
We support the implementation of individual requests and solutions.
As a part of our system administration service we make a backup of the whole system in order to be able to restore the previous state in case of failure. Our IBM and Fujitsu servers, operated at the most famous hosting providers in Hungary, ensure increased data security and unique privacy opportunities.
We can also help with the following services:
  • e-mail hosting service,
  • data archiving,
  • web hosting service,
  • centralized data storage and backup,
  • the establishment and operation of proxy server,
  • developing VoIP service and VoIP call center,
  • the establishment and operation of wi-fi hotspot,
  • RFID applications, electronic identification systems.
According to our clients’ needs, we offer our solutions as Cloud services, too.

Cooperating with our partners, we provide efficient, predictable and safe solutions. Our expert group takes over the responsibility for background infrastructure.
Besides the efficiency of the operation and maintenance, a further advantage is that new opportunities are created to implement institutional integration and cross-institutional aggregation.


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