Library Management
Our integrated library system makes library record keeping and catalog building easier, therefore the record databases and digital objects on which the services (exhibitions, e-learning systems, aggregator spots etc.) for patrons are based become easily managable.

We offer the following modules for libraries:


  • The content and order of the bibliographic and authority forms can be adjusted to the local requirements.
  • All types of documents can be described, and media files can be attached to the descriptions. These files can be displayed in the online public access catalog (OPAC).
  • Managing and unifying authority data is feasible.
  • Item control, disposal, support of transport between branches.
  • Printing inventory books. 


  • Control possibilities according to patron categories.
  • Quick and easy handling of loan, return and hold operations. 
  • Search according to patron, loan and hold aspects.
  • Notification system (overdue, arrival of reserved documents, email about events).
  • Statistics and lists regarding use and traffic.


  • Ordering documents, entering different funds, suppliers, requesters.
  • Documents can be tracked from the request through the order to the acquisition, and the financial situation can be checked up to date at the funds.
  • Preparation of invoices (compatible with legislation).



  • Acquiring serial issues.
  • Preparation of reports about missing or overdue issues

Media module

  • Images, audio and video files and text documents can be attached to bibliographic and authority records, too. They appear both on the administrator  and OPAC interface.

OPAC interface

  • Querying multiple databeses even of several types.
  • Upgreadable search possibilities.
  • Search results can be further refined with the use of facets
  • Results can be displayed and downloaded in different formats.
We recommend this Qulto component to the following institutions: