We help our partners to find the right direction to develop institutional services. We also help in Quality Assurance and to find budget for our partners’ plans.
Would you like to simplify your daily work? Would you like to adapt your institution to the international trends?

We assess the current needs of our clients; together, we draw up the best possible solutions that would help their workflows.
As a result of the decades spent with clients from the public collections and scientific sector and the intense contact and cooperation with hundreds of clients, we have gained considerable knowledge about the processes, work and problems of this field. After the work done on planning and implementing local, consortium, national and international services, we can say that we have the knowledge of the present and the future of this field. We are happy to share this knowledge with our clients when they are considering surveying, renewing or developing their service system, IT solutions or inventory. We believe that - on the basis of our own portfolio or open source products, or by specific project development - we can offer effective help taking into account the clients' needs.
We provide help in the auditing of cultural institutions - according to information security standards, quality management standards and regulatory compliance.
We undertake comprehensive counseling - from the preparation of reports to the handover of the change plan.

Would you like to manage your complex processes in a controlled way?

With our workflow based solutions, we can flexibly create the regulatory model of even the most complicated processes. 

We offer process-control based on a workflow engine, especially for multilateral procedures with branches and parallel operations.

Do you need national or international funding for the realization of your developments?

Our colleagues are constantly monitoring current calls for proposals. On request, we will gladly send you our personalized newsletter of tenders.

We are waiting for your reply, should you find any of the tenders useful for your institution. We provide verbal explanation about the chosen opportunity; on request, we can also recommend options for proposal writing and project management.
We help your ambitions in relation to Horizon 2020 projects, too, as our company has experiences in this field both as project managers and project partners. 
For proposal writing and project management, we can recommend reliable partners experienced in innovation projects.


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