Museum Management
Our collection management system, audited in accordance with Hungarian legislation, has been introduced in several museums. The elements of the Qulto software package developed by our company are standardized; therefore, even custom developments can be connected to other systems and to national and international (Europeana) public collections projects.

We offer the following modules for museums.

Basic system for museums:



  • With this module the identification of form and content of all types of objects (including traditional artifacts, documents and their digitized form) is possible in accordance with the national rules of museum data description.
  • Images and audio files can be attached to the identified documents, therefore museums can build up their own electronic collection and they can serve the increasing needs for online content delivery.
  • During description, our software supports the user in checking the regular authority data, as a result, the catalogue will be transparent, organized and will be of  high professional quality.
  • The number of authority data is unlimited. 
  • Description happens by forms. Any museum can create its own identification forms, which can be upgraded, modified or changed by the authorized user.

Content management

  • In our collection management system it is possible to attach images and other content (3D documents, audio files, videos) to the inventory and authority records. They can be stored and displayed on web interfaces and in printed documents.


Functions necessary for auditing the museum system in some collections

  • Building acquisition log
  • Building inventory books, printing working copy
  • Separate inventories - transfer inventory, inventory of lent objects, supporting exhibition organization, closing end-of-year inventories 
  • Printed outputs - end-of-year inventory book, object card, label, full inventory (current and retrospective), preserving the historicity of inventory data
  • Sophisticated access control based on museum standards
  • Properties besides the functions necessary for auditing: handling Thesaurus (subject heading system), synonym, parent-child, part-whole relationships, on-demand upload of background thesauri; realization of a structure necessary for archive inventory; feasibility of research log
  • Records are connected to: bibliographic (book, article) records; correspondence about artworks; image files; research results


Further functions supporting museum work:

  • Organizing exhibitions, software support of artwork circulation
  • Software support of checking restoration
  • Inventory of storage, transfer and insurance requirements


Modules and services beyond the basic museum system:


  • Support of auditing:
    • Customization of inventory books ready in the system and other outputs according to the needs in the audit process; taking part in the preparation work.
    • Monitoring and supporting the audit process until its closure.
  • Conversion:
    • We provide a test period for the time of conversion.
    • The previous inventory will be used in paralell as long as necessary.
    • After conversion we provide a one-year-guarantee for the whole system (therefore for the conversion, too.
  • Web publications:
    • Connection to the EUROPEANA portal
    • Own web catalog
    • We provide web catalog to our clients. The system makes the data appear in a customized way. Our clients can mark those inventory items and related images that they want to publish. On the basis of the determined criteria we set the required data fields, the search criteria and the way inventortry data and records should appear on the web surface.
    • Own portal
We recommend this Qulto component to the following institutions: