Plagiarism Detection

Do you need help with detecting plagiarism?

The essential task of our plagiarism detection system is the indexing of theses and other available scentific contents preserved by higher education institutions, for the sake of comparison. The grounds of comparison are the analysis of similarities and correspondences of document sections and paragraphs.

Automatic comparison of the documents can be used for the automated establishment of suspected plagiarism cases. The software generates a preliminary report on those cases over the tolerance level which can also be used in the evaluation and decision-making processes. Documents forwarded for plagiarism detection can be uploaded at a central web interface, and the same interface serves for the display of results. The institutional contents are processed locally; this, way we avoid typical copyright issues occuring in the event of plagiarism detection. Our innovative business model generates revenue for the cooperating content providers (institutions), based on the frequency of use of their documents.


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