We offer our support services in order to help our partners using Qulto portfolio.
The most important element of our support services is software support, which involves extended warranty, regular software upgrades and support. 

We give a one year warranty (which is expandable) on all of our products. We offer regular updates for our software components and we update the other services used with newer versions to keep your system up-to-date and sustainable. We help our partners to keep our solutions safe and sound. ‚Äč

Warranty refers to the fixing of errors in sofware which we have written. The commencement of error correction (maximum response time) and the deadline for error correction (depending on the seriousness of the error) are governed by the fixed services undertaken in the contract (Service Level Agreement).

As a result of regular updates, our partners obtain access to any functional improvements and the newer versions of the program.
The aim of system support is to solve the problems, answer the questions of system administrators and operators and do system administration tasks to find the errors and remove them by involving engineers who know the system well- from the viewpoint of the developers and the users, too.  The service covers everything from the level of the operational system, through the database manager used by the application, to the level of the client-side component of the application.

We offer several communication channels so that we can quickly resolve problems related to our solutions.
Within the framework of this service we reasonably help in solving the problems arising during the use of our systems. The primary tool for problem reporting is the web interface of the client management system and knowledge base operated by us. Through this system, errors and comments can be reported and traced back.
Training for the users of the system is essential.

As a supplement to the Qulto systems, we offer multiple support types: written, verbal and experiential (by doing).  Training your staff in the optimal usage of the system makes your investment more efficient.
In order to make sure that all users know how to operate the system, we support live trainings with online and offline user guides/manuals and training materials.
An important component of our management system is the CRM module. The purpose of this module is to record client communication and to track and document support services.
With the use of the module, any correspondence and all pieces of information are retrievable, within one system, in accordance with the access rights specified for task categories. Due to the set statuses, the progress of the processes can be followed both by our clients and by our colleagues.


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